Economic Prosperity

Businesses and the economy are central aspects of our community. During my lifetime, I’ve watched globalization and bad government policy (like NAFTA) hurt and drive away our local businesses. It’ll take more than just doing away with bad policy to revitalize our local economy — we need to cut regulations that hold back small businesses. Doing so will support our existing businesses and make it easier to create new ones, which I believe will help us revitalize and restore our shrinking downtown areas. Our children deserve to grow up in a thriving community, but restoring the success of our community will require smarter economic policies.


The Second Amendment makes it clear: “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” We all have the right to protect ourselves, and as your representative, I will fight to protect your Second Amendment rights to keep our families and communities safe.


Investing in our community’s children is extremely important. Our public school systems are falling behind — only half of the students in our district can read and write proficiently. We need to tailor education to the needs of our students and make sure we hire — and keep — qualified teachers. We also need to do a better job connecting our students with all forms of higher education — not just college. Among other things, my time at Duke showed me the skill set you learn is far more important than where you learned it. For many in our community, trade schools and apprenticeships are just as good — if not better — for personal success than college. So we ought to reject the one-size-fits-all “free college for everyone” approach that far-left politicians are pushing as an expensive mistake.


We need to better address the drug epidemic that has overtaken our district. Deaths from opioid overdose keep climbing. While the county commissioners have hired an individual to coordinate the county’s opioid response, we need to do more in terms of prevention on a state level. I will advocate for the implementation of a drug resistance program during the first year of high school throughout the state, showing students the real-life implications of drug use through interactive means. This program would save both citizens’ lives and your hard-earned tax dollars.

Government Responsiveness and Transparency

It is the responsibility of a government to be responsive to its citizens, and all too often we see our government working in its own interest instead of serving the people. We should be able to easily find information about our government and its activities. The number of broken links on government websites and the difficulty of obtaining important information is unacceptable — our government should be held accountable and should work to serve you, not make your jobs harder. After all, our tax dollars pay for the government to work, so it’d better be working for us.