About Me

My name is Haley Sink, and I’m asking for your vote to represent NC House District 80. 


I graduated from East Davidson High School and went on to pursue a degree in Economics from Duke University. I believe that my education gave me the knowledge I will need to help shape effective policy — especially economic policy — that works for our community. As a Republican at a liberal college, I often found myself forced to justify my beliefs to other students and those in positions of power. Having to explain myself gave me the ability to better advocate for our community’s beliefs. These beliefs and my desire to help our community grow led me to positions working for Senator Burr and the Republican National Committee.


After my time at Duke and my introduction to politics, I decided I wanted to use my experience to advocate for the community that made me the person I am today. I love this community and the people in it. That’s why I’m running for this office — not to “make a name” for myself, but to help a community in need of revitalizing economic policy. I would appreciate your support in my effort to help our community prosper.